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Goddess Starli sees a client after have locked him in chastity a month ago. Starli checks the number of the locking tab on his chastity device to make sure he has been true to her. Happy to see that he has, she decides it's time for his reward. Starli has him naked on a bed and smothers his face with her ass and pussy. For the last part of his reward, she sucks and bites his cock until he releases a months worth of cum for her.

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Sexy Thai girl Moy sucks a white cock then takes a huge cum shot in her mouth

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Jade reveals that she is a Dominatrix by night. Dressed in a sexy sheer outfit with fishnet stockings, she puts a collar on him before he starts to kiss her feet. She makes him suck on the heel of her stiletto and shoves it in and out of his mouth.

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